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Sex Factor International

Sex Factor International

How drugs,sex and money affect the lives of employees of the ruthless egotistic gangster boss Chico Sanchez . His hotels in LA, Hong Kong and London are set up as legitimate Hotel and leisure business centre’s camouflaging his international drugs, arms and prostitution activities. As the story unfolds the characters reveal their changing positions, in the end money, sex, and love conquers all.

In this story, the author takes us on a international journey into the realms of the multi-million dollar sex ridden drugtaking and arms smuggling operations of the Anglo American-Mexican gangster fraternity.

The boss arrives at his hotel and main office thus setting into play the first day of a long and traumatic week from which his staff never really recover. Their lives and jobs are completely changed when the IRA and FBI decide to investigate his money laundering activities.

This exposes the drug-trafficking and sexual activities of this ruthless egotistic gangster boss Chico Sanchez, his employees, and associates.

His three hotels and casinos located in LA, Hong Kong and London UK are set up as a legitimate leisure business centres. In reality, they are camouflaging his international drugs, prostitution, arms, money laundering, murder and protection rackets. As the story unfolds the characters begin to realise how their positions are changing, how their boss’s activities under criminal investigation are testing their loyalty to the limit.

As the FBI move in, self-protection and fear amongst the major characters creates a euphoria of sex, drugs and murder.

Exposing the relentless activities of Chico and his drug baron associates. We all hate the drug baron and some readers will hate Chico others may love him, either way he is a very dangerous character as the FBI undercover agent finds out and runs for her life.

True love and romance develops out of the criminal business chaos in unexpected circumstances. The story ends with romantic and loving outcomes.

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